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President Sworn-In to Sec
In his Inaugural Address, President
Bush on Thursday said, "On this

President's Remarks at th
... Remarks by the President in
Address to the ... THE PRESIDENT:

MoveOn PAC
... President Bush said in his
speech Monday night that the war in Democracy in
Former Vice President Al Gore.
Remarks to New York | Republican Nati
TUESDAY | OCTOBER 11, 2005. Windows
Media Real Player. High Speed Low

Text: President Bush's Ac
RSS News Feeds. Text: President
Bush's Acceptance Speech to the

Military-Industrial Compl
... Military-Industrial Complex
Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961

Remarks at NBER Conferenc
... Copyright ©2005 by the
President and Fellows of Harvard
Text: President Bush Addresses the
Nation. eMediaMillWorks. Thursday,

John Kerry and John Edwar
official campaign site offering
information on issues, news, and - Transcript of P
Transcript of President Bush's
address to a joint session of

President Woodrow Wilson'
delivered in a joint session of
Congress on January 8, 1918. - Bush's State of
Transcript of President Bush's
second State of the Union address,

Government/Political Cent
Thanks to our. sponsors: Government
/ Political Center: Historical

Quarantining dissent / Ho
... When President Bush travels
around the United States, the

Detailed Analysis of Octo
Using systematic outreach, IPA
gains exposure for progressive

Ronald Reagan-Tear Down t
... This speech was delivered to
the people of West Berlin, yet it

OpinionJournal - Peggy No
... Was the president's speech a
case of "mission inebriation"? ...

SPEECH. August 8, 1974. Good

Remarks By George Bush. 41st
President of the United States, At

Georgetown University Pro
Office of Protocol and Events. A
Division of Public Affairs ...

President Woodrow Wilson'
delivered in a special session of
Congress held on April 2, 1917.

American Experience | Jim
... Primary Sources: The "Crisis of
Confidence" Speech. Jimmy Carter

Modern History Sourcebook
Modern History Sourcebook:
President Sukarno of Indonesia:

Speech: Address at mornin
Address at morning prayers.
Memorial Church. Cambridge,

American Rhetoric: Online
full text and audio directory and
database of American speeches,

Speech by President Hugo
Venezuela Analysis, News and Views.
Ongoing news and in-depth analysis

John F. Kennedy: Inaugura
Inaugural Addresses of the
Presidents of the United States. Lincoln at Co
... Lincoln at Cooper Union : The
Speech That Made Abraham Lincoln

I almost wet myself the f
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Al Gore Speaks on Voter
Suppression. Tuesday, January 20,

The Reagan Home Page:Evil The Evil Empire.
President Reagan's Speech to the

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Th
The "Four Freedoms" Franklin D.
Roosevelt's Address to Congress Politics | "The
"The bottom line is I don't trust
this president and his advisors" - Full text
Full text of remarks by Vice
President Cheney... Dem. convention - Politics -
Transcript: Transcript: Bush's
Address. Thursday, January 20,

The President Reagan Info
State of the Union: Addresses to
the Nation: President Reagan's

Too Stupid To Be Presiden
animations that poke fun at the
George W. Bush administration and a - You Decide
... Raw Data: Bush Speech in
Springfield ... The following is a

G. W. Bush 2nd Inaugural
President George W. Bush's Second
Inaugural Address 2005 ... Vice

President Gerald Ford Spe
Ford announces and explains his
controversial decision. ...


MESSAGE. December 18, 1893. To the

WorldNetDaily: Text of Pr
ELECTION 2004. Text of President
Bush`s acceptance speech. 'Having

President Bush's Middle E
President George W. Bush's long-
anticipated speech outlining his

Text of President Bush's
... Text of President Bush's RNC
Speech. NewsMax Wires ... fellow

OpinionJournal - Extra
... (Editor's note: Vice President
Cheney delivered this speech

Inaugural Address, Januar
Inaugural address of President
Kennedy ... Inaugural Address.

The Viet Nam Wars
... President Nixon's Speech on
Cambodia, April 30, 1970 ...

Speech Transcript - Craig
A transcript of remarks made by
Craig Mundie during a visit toThe

John Kerry's Address to S
transcript of concession speech
delivered November 3, 2004.

Informed Comment
... Wednesday, January 26, 2005.
The Speech Bush Should have Given.

Tufts E-News -- Fares 200
Tufts E-News: Fares Lecture 2003
Special Coverage -- Posted 01-15-

Dennis Kucinich
official site. Includes policy
papers and information on

Emma Goldman Online Exhib

Roosevelt's Infamy Speech
The University of Oklahoma Law
Center. Franklin D. Roosevelt's :: Columns :
Townhall Spotlight. Megan Basham.
Film critic, Columns.

President Reagan's Speech
... President Reagan's Speech.
Moscow State University, USSR ...

Blogs for Bush: The White
... Watch Open Thread Patriotism
Political Ideology President Bush

Furman: Henry Clay's Spee
THE BANK BILL. ... the United

WorldNetDaily: Text of Pr
... Text of President Bush's
speech. 'In the history of Iraq, a | Republican Nati
... Learn more about how President
Bush and Republicans are helping

"Free-Speech Zone"
Current Issue. December 15, 2003
issue. Copyright © 2003 The

RFK Indianapolis Speech
Kennedy Speech on Martin Luther
King, Jr.'s Death. April 4, 1968,

American President
Ask a question. Your name. Email.
City. State. Question. Presidency

The Command Post - 2004 U
Navigate The Post. Search The Post.
About The Post. Conceived by

Event Archive: Al Gore -
... Listen to Al Gore's speech in
full, in Real Audio format. ...

United Press Internationa
UPI Perspectives. Exclusive: New
Bush space speech planned. By Frank

... Text of President Bush's
Speech. One of the ways we show the

Outside The Beltway : Pre
Friday, September 3, 2004.
President Bush Convention Speech.

Our Documents - President Featuring 100
milestone documents of American

The Avalon Project : Pres
The Avalon Project at Yale Law
School. President Woodrow Wilson's

Vice President Gore's Spe
... Remarks Prepared for Delivery
by Vice President Al Gore ... In

Bush to World: Drop Dead!
Has an American president ever
delivered such a bafflingly

Text of Bush acceptance s
... vice president of the United
States. I'm grateful for Senator

Al Gore 08
Al Gore 2008 - Organize, discuss,
act ... the next president. " ...

President Bush's February
Featured Views. President Bush's
February 26 Speech on the Future of

Claim vs. Fact: President
Knight-Ridder reported that experts
now say the

Ronald Reagan-Challenger
Address to the nation on the
Challenger disaster. Oval Office.

Denouncement of the Propo
speech by President Nasser of the
United Arab Republic, September 15,

Transcript of President B
Following is a transcript of
President Bush's inaugural address

Full text of 2005 State o
The full text of President Bush's
State of the Union speech Feb. 2.

The Viet Nam Wars
... President Nixon's Speech on
"Vietnamization," November 3, 1969

Vice President Quayle and
... Vice President Quayle and the
Murphy Brown Speech ... and his

John F. Kennedy Speech -
At The History Place, part of our
Great Speeches series. ... In June

George W Bush Speechwrite
create your speech from choice Bush

Why We Must Not Re-elect
Featured Views. Published on
Tuesday, September 28, 2004 by

The Charleston Gazette -
... President Bush's budget
proposes huge, across-the-board

NLE Farewell Address
materials relating to the Life and
Times of Dwight D. Eisenhower ...

The Reagan Information Pa
State of the Union: Addresses to
the Nation: President Reagan's 1992

Peace & Resistance Openin
Opening speech of President
Milosevic at the beginning of the

From Revolution to Recons
USA-project, presidents-area,
Ronald Reagan Speech on Challenger -- Transcript o
Transcript of President Bush's
Speech at NASA HQ. Here is a

US/Africa: Trade Wars, 1
Africa Policy E-Journal. June 29,
2003 (030629) US/Africa: Trade

FULL TEXT: President Geor
... FULL TEXT. President George W.

Great Society Speech, Lyn
Great Society Speech, Lyndon B.
Johnson, 1964. Public Papers of the an
American government & politics
portal. Free online textbook,

President John F. Kennedy
... President John F. Kennedy's
Speech Announcing the Quarantine


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